The past while has brought about a fair amount of uncertainty, concern and fear into our society.  COVID-19  has impacted our economy and the way we interact with each other.  Certainly, connecting with one another and gathering around the life-giving gifts of our Saviour Jesus Christ is an essential service that we need on a daily and weekly basis.  Through Word and Sacrament we find the gift of forgiveness and eternal life that is essential to all.  With the gift of forgiveness in Jesus we have peace, comfort and hope even in the midst of the pandemic we are facing.  We know that there is life in Him and nothing can take that away from us.

The fourth commandment calls us to respect the governing authorities placed over us as they are appointed by God for our well-being in a sinful world.  The Alberta Government along with the Chief Medical Officer of Health Orders launched stage 2 during the current pandemic.  This has allowed us to increase our numbers in worship as long as we are able to maintain the Guidance for Places of Worship.

Staring June 28th we will have one service at 10:00 a.m. while continuing to stream on U-Tube to those that will be staying home.   Members are asked to maintain a 2 meter distance and are also required to wear a mask according to the City of Edmonton Mask by-law.  If you require any further information, contact Pastor Mark Hennig via email or phone.  


Complete details of the guidelines that we follow are here.   

It is in Christ that we place our hope and know that He is “the light of the world”.  Through Him we are also “light in the Lord” as the Epistle lesson encourages us to trust in Christ and to then walk and shine that light into a world of darkness.  With all that is going on in the world, there is no better time for us to shine the light of our faith and trust in Jesus Christ so that the darkness of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty that people are facing can see the peace, comfort, joy and hope of being a part of Christ’s family the church. With this in mind, look out for your neighbours and anyone in your community who might need help or reassurance.

Going Solo Parent Group
Concordia's Solo Parent Group is cancelled due to COVID precautions until further notice.
Working together to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with members of our congregation, neighbourhood and world that all may have eternal life.
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